Product Synopsis- Bagdara Farms’ Products

I feel excited to post a review of products sent to me by Bagdara Farms. (It also happens to be my first product review on the blog). I started writing content for their social media pages, which is what I actually do – freelance content designing- and we ended up discussing that it’d be great to do a synopsis on the blog as well.
They sent me two produces from their farms-

1. Turmerically treated rice.

2. Organically grown turmeric powder

Darling has been suffering from baby acne which, I’ve been told, occurs in babies less than two years of age and vanishes within a year or two. Since turmeric is famous for treating acne and skin problems, I decided to use Bagdara Farm’s turmeric powder as a scrub and mask on Darling’s skin. To prepare the scrub, I add some some fresh cream, besan/chickpea flour and turmeric powder just before giving him a bath everyday. It’s been over a week that I’ve been doing this. And though the redness around the acne has definitely reduced, they haven’t disappeared. I think I will have to wait for some more time to see complete results.

The team at Bagdara Farm was quick to deliver their product, which felt like a pleasant surprise since I was awaiting mail from them. As mentioned before, I also received around 250 grams of turmerically treated rice. Darling has many small meals during the day. I make sure to prepare a few tablespoons of this rice once everyday. To cook, I add the washed rice to one cup of water, a teaspoon of ghee and salt. Up until now he has eaten without any fuss.

Both the rice and turmeric powder, produced by Bagdara Farms, have innumerable benefits. Their website boasts of boons aplenty. The rice is non-polished and treated with curcumin enriched turmeric. The color tells it all. Both the produces are organically grown which amps their advantages even higher. Imagine consuming food that is not sprayed with chemicals and grown in a natural way. No adulteration. Pure, austere and wholesome.

There are plenty more products that are created by Bagdara Farms. You can have a look at All of them promise to lend natural therapy to your health woes.

They are priced reasonably and can be easily purchased online from their website.

Verdict: I like the fact that the produces are organically manufactured. And since these days, when almost everything is adulterated and debased, Bagdara Farm’s products come as a breath of fresh air. For all those looking for unrefined and organic foods, I’d recommend turning to Bagdara Farms.


2 thoughts on “Product Synopsis- Bagdara Farms’ Products

  1. Bagdara farm products seems to b good as they r organically grown. Market is full of pesticide food products which is not at all healthy for us nor for our children. The way u hv introduced the product will surely make a word of mouth from my side. 👍🏻

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  2. Water is a chemical. Are you saying they have found a way to grow food without water? Thank you for being honest and mentioning that you are their content writer. Since the owners dont like questions based in science, I was wondering if you could help on the below
    1. They have different types of turmeric on their website for different requirements. Can you explain or get them to explain how each type of turmeric differs, and what processes do they use to get different benefits from the same product
    2. There are studies that show too much curcumin can have negative effects on the body. As their curcumin levels are a lot higher than regular turmeric, then should one use less of the product, and shouldnt the owner have a clear warning label on the bottles? After all peoples wellness is at stake.


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