My Le Miserables šŸ¤—

Although I began writing my blog with a zest, I now realise that it isn’t an easy job for a mum of three. Even when I’m inspired to write, I cant sit for more than 5-7 mins to jot down my thoughts. It’s either dinner time, or kids need help with homework, finding clothes or toys or lost stationary, or I have to nurse Darling or its bedtime routine.

And when I do get some moments, I’m either staring at the screen with no motivation to write or children are around creating distraction and chaos. Little Man and Wise Man are at each other’s necks almost all the time. And I’m constantly telling them off or finding things to distract them away from their wrestling matches!

Not to forget mentioning, Darling’s experiments with his motor skills are at it’s peak. And he’s a curious and independent kid, loosing himself around the house. Today we found him sitting inside my wardrobe, unable to climb down again. That made me have a good laugh though. Lol!

It’s just before evening prayers. And I plan to finish writing a blog review and some content writing assignments later. Let’s see how much of that gets done today. šŸ™„


11 thoughts on “My Le Miserables šŸ¤—

  1. The good luck you have made for yourself is an inspiration to many. May it continue throughout your life.
    My prayers n wishes with u always šŸ˜Š

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