On a Sanguine Note…

Social media is such a rich platform. You get to meet and see so many diverse people. Its amazing that there are millions of people doing the same things like us from so many countries and places, even though they seem mundane behind the virtual panorama.

It also thrills me to see women across the world doing their bit to spread the joy and wisdom pertaining to Islam. One such awesome lady who goes by the name of *theduajournal* on instagram leaves inspiring videos and memes that are not only motivational but very impactful. Ma sha Allah. I’m a fan of her page and her, of course. She’s a mum too and I love some of her parenting advises also. (She doesnt even know I exist πŸ˜„. I guess I’m gonna tag her to this post πŸ€—)

I am in awe of people with whom it doesn’t take much to put a smile on their face and are quick to show they are pleased. It just shows how agreeable, congenial and appreciative they are as people. Gratitude is one thing, I feel, we all should practice in our lives. Thank the Almighty daily for the countless blessings he continues to bestow on us. It not only makes us humble, but also forms a deeper connection with Him.

I’ve been feeling pretty upbeat throughout the evening today. Alhamdulilah. The ways He makes you feel come closer to Him! Just recently I’d heard a beautiful khutbah on YouTube from Nouman Ali Khan (amazing, isnt he?) about how Allah loves those who practice humility. One level of humility is not retaliating to pain others seek to cause in you. It takes courage to repel obnoxity with silence and patience and I’m grateful I was equipped with it when the time came.

Even though, sometimes I feel acutely lonely, it is great to be reminded by some of the best people around me that I’m immensely loved. Ahamdulilah.

For once, Darling’s fast asleep tonight. And both Little Man and Wise Man have shrewdly managed to convince their Dad to allow them to sleep at their cousins’ home tonightπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„. I guess I’m just gonna finish the pending content write-ups and call it a night.

Bonne nuit πŸ’Ÿ


8 thoughts on “On a Sanguine Note…

  1. I too follow nouman Ali sumtyms. So I agree tht his inspiring words may encourage many! In sha allah acting on things tht pull u towards allah will increase in d faith of allah.

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