Outdoors Deficit Disorder (!)

I am home so much that I miss even the air outdoors. Sigh! Days just whizz by. Even on days when kids are not at school, I am cooped in my cubbyhole.

So, today, being a Sunday, was nothing different either. Although, if I reflect, I need to make going out everyday, even if just for a stroll, a routine. I have been planning to go for morning walks everyday but my will breaks once kids leave for school and I see Darling (my one-year-old) sleeping tranquilly. All I long for is to drop myself beside him and doze off since both Darling and me are awake almost all night. My goal becomes a mirage 🙄

I glance wistfully towards families that enjoy going outdoors every weekend. Like that’s what they have been waiting for all week, like that has been on their mind everytime! It’s a good thing actually, to have a recreational agenda every weekend, only my yearning to have a good time like them becomes stronger.

And since I am not a part of the World Nagging Wives’ Club (I just made that up😂), I have stopped attempting to persuade hubster to have leisurely time alfresco. That is a lost battle. I ceased to whine a long time ago.

I have taken my rugrats out by myself before, especially when my parents lived in Pune and quite nearby. But since they changed cities, I feel hog-tied now. Also, when you have to take kids out alone, it’s a hassle, right from hiring an autorickshaw to carrying Darling and keeping a constant watch at the three along with fulfilling their demands of icecreams, various rides to play at, crossing roads, dealing with tantrums once they set their minds on wanting to buy a new (and exhorbitant!) toy, et al.

So, therefore, I’m confined to my home and I feel stale. But, it’s good to vent out. At least I don’t have to continue feeling insipid AND repressed.

Signing off to spend a nocturnal night again😩

Bonn nuit 💟


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