Untimed Moments with Kids Today

I have been occupied since quite a few days, restarting and refurbishing my blog, writing content for new ventures and answering mails to a few sponsors that seem interested for their reviews on my blog (Yaay!). My preoccupation took some attention off kids (though I’m always around them- they fooling around and creating chaos while I try to keep focus on my work on phone). So, today I decided to spend more time with them. Baked them a batch of cookies, clicked lots of pictures with them and posted a few on Instagram. Also, danced and sang (yes, I do that with them! Shhh… hubby has no idea) along till we were exhausted by our giggles and laughter! Alhamdulilah.

Since I don’t go out at all- after marriage, I have more or less never had a social life- this quality time spent with kids has been refreshing. Also, I tried on a new face pack today (from Faceshop. It gives results.) which left me feeling invigorated and I felt my skin glistening. It also proved to be fun with me trying to growl and act scary with my face mask on, while they ran around, pretending to be frightened. Darling, of course, perked with interest watching our hullabaloo ๐Ÿ˜†

I hope I am giving them good memories. I hope they smile when they think about their mum going zippy to let them know how precious they are to her. Just like I have memories of our mum giving all her ‘free’ time to us even after she worked at her office for many hours during the week. Kudos to all mums everywhere. Motherhood is a challenging endeavour. And it’s a calling that changes the entire you.

Bonn nuit๐Ÿ’Ÿ


15 thoughts on “Untimed Moments with Kids Today

  1. Really i think i am also facing the same kind of phase. Not having much of a social life. Running around my kid. Doing all sorts of craziness….

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