In Love with Books 

I’ve been passionate about reading ever since I can remember. The genre have altered over the years but my love for books has remained unchanged. What I now desire is to watch the same love develop in my little ones. I wish they grow up knowing the delights of the book world. 

Little Man loves playing word games with me. It brims my heart with rejoice when I watch him trying his best to spell and read paragraphs in his text books. Although, Wise Man (second child) can’t read quite as fluently as Little Man, he loves his numbers. He learnt solving his sums faster than his elder brother!

It’ll be interesting to see where Darling’s (third child) interest lies. For now I’m grateful that he loves clutching pens, playing with them for more than he does with other stuffs, being engrossed for quite long. It’ll do for now ☺

I need to buy them books that will help them bond with reading. I am clueless for now but my hunt is on. I don’t wish to invest in very expensive books. And a trip to Crossword is long since pending. Joining a library is also a good option. Although, besides Just Books, I have no place that I know of in Pune. And traveling far frequently is hard. The last thing I can think of is buy a bulk of second-hand books from Mumbai, when I go to visit my parents next 😎

Albeit, I’d love to know more about libraries in Pune from those who reside here. Also, drop in ideas that will help me make my kids fall in love with reading.

Until then, I’ll nestle in with my novel and call it a night.

Bonne nuit! 💟


6 thoughts on “In Love with Books 

  1. Another beautiful write up… love love love it… well I developed my love for reading starting with Tinkle and i still hold a huge collection of it… so give it a try… anyway im sure ur genes r enuf for ur lil ones to develop interest in reading and writing too for sure 😘

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