Happiness is Chocolate Fudge!

So, Little Man (my eldest child) was after me since days to prepare chocolate balls for him. I had bought chocolates and condensed milk a few days ago. But making the dessert just got pushed under my list of (a lot of!) things-to-do. I’d been asking them to be good if they wanted me to make for them. They obeyed just a bit and returned to being bratty within hours!🙄

Last eve, however, they did their lessons well and as a treat, I got down to preparing the delicious chocolatey fudgy balls. They get so excited while they help me bake or whip up goodies. This time, too, we had fun, with the baby hankering after the spoons, whisker and bowls!

After the dough had cooled and stiffened, we got around to fashioning the balls but realised that it was a tad bit moist for the mounds we had planned to achieve. So Little Man wisely suggested that we flatten the dough in a glass bowl and make fudge instead. I loved the idea and we did just that.

Here goes the recipe:

Marie Biscuits- a whole pack

Cocoa Powder- 3 tablespoons

Condensed Milk- 1/2 cup

Butter- 1/4 cup

For Ganache:

2 tablespoons Fresh Cream

One chocolate bar (I used the one that cost me Rs. 40/-)


Prepare ganache by melting chocolate and adding cream in it. Simmer for just 2 mins and switch flame off.

Grind the biscuits, cocoa powder, condensed milk and butter together. Remove the doughy mixture into a glass bowl and spread. Refrigerate for an hour.

Remove the bowl and pour the cool ganache over the fudge. Refrigerate overnight.

Dig in the next morning! 😀


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