Coffee in a Chipped Mug…

I have always loved tea when it came to hot beverage. Only recently, did I discover the enigma of coffee. Strangely, it fails to activate my senses. Instead, I can fall asleep after drinking a cup. What it does though, is give me a sense of a full appetite.

I feel hunger no more for quite sometime. And since I am incorporating eating healthy and proportionally, I often consume coffee to curb my cravings for devouring a dessert or munching on a snack, i.e., after I am done eating a good meal for dinner.

Changing tracks, I have always loved the idea of sipping a cuppa in a serene café, sharing compassionate conversations with closed ones. Life, though, had other plans for me. It took me on a route that was poles apart from my frivolous reveries. Nevertheless, I have a grateful heart, which is bigger now that I have to squeeze in my three bundles of joy 🙂

What am I rambling about? Consider this a post that muses on random thoughts 🙇


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