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Take a look at my write-up published at Allarsh, the stellar online magazine for women 😊

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Lemme know if the ideas to prep up healthy and delicious meals for your younger ones helped.

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17 lessons I learnt in 2017

If I had written a blogpost on this topic, it would be similar to this one. Beautiful 💖

Fabulously Liberated

Alhamdulillah! We have come to the end of the year. 2017 was a lot of days and a lot of things happened. I had my ups and downs. As well as the way-up-there and the really-down-here. I felt joy, sadness, exhilarating out-of-this-world happiness, and why-me sadness, pain and love. I have grown and changed. I have learnt, lost and failed. I have succeeded, fallen and risen. Alhamdulillah!

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Refreshing Rapports

Unconditional friendship may seem a bit surreal to be true but I have been blessed with fond ties with some amazing women. Over the years I’ve had few but profoundly close friends, who have lingered with me since school and when I studied in college.

Of course, marriage alters everything. Bonds like friendship take a backseat and priorities are redefined. But that which you can reach out to even after a huge chasm of time is, to me, what explains the term ‘unconditional friendship’.

I may not be overly active on other social media scenes, but signing up to Instagram was perhaps the best decision I may have taken. I was unaware of a whole new world that exists across the clicks of my thumb. Not only have I met personalties that are in accord of my own but I’ve also rediscovered myself in light of a mom, a woman and a Muslimah. It is reassuring to know that I’m not alone in fighting my battles. That there are plenty out there who are in similar spots just like me or doing more.

Alhamdulilah for this platform, this view of a different but familiar world.

Do you also find it amazing to connect with other compatible minds? Does it also pull at the strings of your heart when you meet individuals who leave traces of goodness your way?

Sameena’s Objets d’art

My infatuation with art has always been existent even if amateurish to an extent. I feel that it must take chaos or some flurry inside one’s being to exhibit their creativity on a canvas or in the form of sculptures or probably as a designer who fashions clothes.

Growing up and as a child, I remember trying hard to draw, sketch and color. Although, I know well today that I am not gifted in a craft and art sort of way but I delight in people who are heartfelt artists. Sure, I can write. But as an artist, I can’t say I hold much sway.

Our walls are being graced by the impressive artwork that Sameena created for me and children. I don’t think I can do justice writing a review on them. For how can you find words for an earnest and profound artistry?

As someone famous said, “An artist cannot fail. It is a success just to be one.” 

I don’t consider myself proficient enough to appraise these stunning pieces of art.

And so, I’ll let the pictures speak to you.

Sameena is an established artist, who accepts orders for creating frameworks, even those that require being customised. Personally, I wouldn’t place too much emphasis on fashioning her artistry and I didn’t either. She brought her own game on the canvas and created splendid work, as one can see.

Thank you, Sameena for adorning my walls with your brilliant creativity. And for being extremely patient while I came up with this blog post.

Wishing you lots of luck and success in all your endeavours ❤

SAHM Blues

Now that Li’l Man and Wise Man have gotten into a regular routine of going to school, I’m left with more time on hands, except on weekends when I am deluged in demands of keeping them busy or giving into their constant requests for food. (They’re mostly bored so find excuses to eat when they aren’t creating a havoc around the house with their raucousness).

Thanks to our ever helpful maid, I am spared some of the chopping, cleaning and looking after Darling during the day time. She earnestly relieves me of my work so that I can have more time writing, sorting out stuff around the house, reading or just idly surfing through my phone. Alhamdulilah for this privilege which has come to me after years of doing it all on my own and more.

However, I am now left with wondering about how to spend my precious free time. I love making stories on Instagram and reviewing brands or writing content. But, that still leaves me with time that makes me feel like I’m taking it for granted.

I have lost touch with friends during the last nine years since I got married. And those that are close to my heart are not even in India. Also, I have so little contact with the world outside my home that it has left me feeling isolated. Sometimes, I’m so solitary that I drift away to sleep with the string of prayer beads in my hand after I get done with offering salah.

I am not much of a shopper and it feels unproductive to aimlessly roam the malls or buy things I don’t need. Instead,. I’d like to share, learn and be in touch (not just virtually) with like-minded women and moms. But, that seems far-fetched considering that I don’t leave the house without kids and I am not sure how I can connect without some sort of socialising.

All this has led me to ponder over whether I should take up learning yoga (🙈), join a library (there are none in the vicinity we reside in 🙄), go for strolls (I hate walking alone) or … I run out of ideas here.

My lifestyle is becoming increasingly sedentary and I’m left on my own almost all the time. I worry of the future when I’ll be even more alone as kids grow up into teens and would need me less to do their work.

How do mums keep themselves happily occupied when their children are grown enough to go to school, have their own friends and lifestyle?